The Write It Right Series

I wrote the Write It Right series as a resource for those who need a quick reminder of the basic rules or who need a jumping-off point in their study of the writing craft. Each book is a quick read and focuses on one main topic.

Newest Release - Breaking Through Writer's Block - Kindle or paperback

Every writer has experienced feeling blocked at one time or another. It's frustrating, to say the least. In this volume of the Write It Right series, author and editor Tristi Pinkston walks you through some of the most common causes of writer's block and offers practical advice for how to overcome it, including great ways to come up with new ideas.

Self-Editing for Success - Kindle or paperback

Congratulations on finishing your book - you've just accomplished something very few people ever do. Now it's time for the next step in your publishing process - self-editing.

For the first time ever, experienced freelance editor Tristi Pinkston has gathered her most requested tips and tricks into one spot to guide you through the pitfalls you might encounter. Whether it's un-dangling those participles or figuring out where to put those closing quote marks, she's got you covered.

Common Mistakes - Kindle or paperback

English is a complex language filled with confusing spelling and odd rules. It's no wonder that we see mistakes in nearly every piece of reading material we pick up. This little booklet lists some of the most common mistakes seen by the author in her role as a freelance editor, and will make you chuckle while also becoming a nice addition to your at-home reference library.

Creating Characters - Kindle or paperback

Learn how to create compelling fictional characters with depth and personality by adding layers and presenting them realistically. 

Skill Level: Beginning

Creating Your Life as a Writer - Kindle or paperback

It's not easy to take the plunge into being a full-time or even a part-time writer. There's so much to think about, from geting your spouse's support to setting up a home business to figuring out how to schedule your days. This volume of the Write It Right series presents some ideas to solve these problems so you can incorporate your new passion into your everyday life. Learn about taxes, taking care of yourself, the benefits of online grocery shopping, and more. Plus, a little remedy that just might help with carpal tunnel - something every writer faces at one time or another.

Dialogue Dynamics - Kindle or paperback

Good dialogue is crucial to a good novel. Learn how to write dialogue that is realistic without being sappy, and how to punctuate it, present it, and polish it to show your characters to their best advantage. 

Skill Level: Beginning 

Journey Through Genre - Kindle or paperback

Learn the elements of the most popular genres in fiction and how to incorporate them into your books to reach your target audience, leaving them both satisfied and wanting more.

Pitch Perfect - Kindle or paperback

Are you preparing to submit your book to a publisher or pitch it to an agent at a conference? Maybe you're getting ready for your first book signing. Whatever the case may be, you'll need to know how to pitch your book to make that sale. Learn how to determine the right length for your pitch and how to create it for maximum results.

Skill Level: Intermediate 

Point-of-View Primer - Kindle or paperback

Learn how to get into your characters' heads and show what they're thinking, feeling, and experiencing without giving your readers whiplash.

Skill Level: Beginning

Punctuation Principles - Kindle or paperback

Are you confused about commas? Emotional about em dashes? Hysterical about hyphens? Punctuation can make or break a sentence, and it's important to understand the rules and use them properly so your real meaning is clear. This quick reference guide will come in handy whether you're an author, blogger, or someone who just wants to get a handle on how it should be done. 

Skill Level: Beginning

Setting, Description, and Voice - Kindle or paperback

Where does your book take place? What do the surroundings look like, and how will you choose to convey that to your readers? Learn the importance of creating the right setting and making it come to life through great description and compelling voice.

Skill Level: Beginning

Simple Steps to Self-Publishing - Kindle or paperback

In recent years, self-publishing has become a viable option for authors seeking publication, and with today's tools, it's opssible for authors to make more on their own than they ever would with a publishing house. This guide will walk you through some of the simplest processes to make this come true for you, including preparing your manuscript, finding an editor, choosing a good cover, and making your book available to the public.

Working with an Editor - Kindle or paperback

Congratulations! You've finished writing your book and now you're ready to have it edited. This can be one of the most frightening parts of the publishing process for an author, and this volume of the Write It Right series will help you navigate through the rough waters. Learn how to find an editor, how to implement their advice, and how to decide if the changes are right for you and your story. If you're traditionally published, you'll learn how to communicate with your editor and build a good relationship with them. Written by an editor, this little book has nuggets of information that will definitely ease your way.